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Chartered Accountants

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  1. I want to know if I exercise US listed company’s esops, what would be tax deduction criteria? I have my esops listed with fidelity and I am Indian Citizen.Fidelity deducted 30% and my employer is also deducting perqusite tax. Is this correct? How can it be saved? I read your reply on quora that’s why I amm contacting you here.


  2. I run IT company deals in mobile application and we development. 99%business from developed countries as usa, Australia, united Kingdom question is would i eligible for any incentives on generating USD?


  3. Dear sir / madam,

    Have a Great Day !!

    I am going to describe the Mechanism of my business.

    I am going to sell item though eCommerce platform like amazon, ebay .. etc. out side the India (export as per definition of GST). i.e i am going to sell item by foreign currency and my payment is came though payment gateway like payoneer, payapal…etc. and they will remittance this currency to INR to my bank account (i.e money if remitted in INR) in bank account. Item are majorly ship via India post or courier under the value of 50 to 20,000 INR

    now i have a few question which are as below

    1 ) is this nature of my business considered as export because item is sold out side the India ?

    2 ) How i can prove it is export because we don`t go for any custom clearance process and icegate portal so that it can consider as export

    3) I am right now going to fill the data of GSTR 1 as export along with paying IGST. is it ok ? May I eligible to get fill the LOU so that i could not need to pay IGST.

    4) Right now i am going to file GSTR 1 ans GSTR 3B regularly. I found that i have accumulated with my In put Tax credit (ITC) so how i can file to get it refund?

    Please kindly help out to me how i have to go file return and get the benefit of exporter and get ITC refund.

    Thank a lot

    Wait for your bet rely.

    See you soon again.


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