HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON USA FROM INDIA is the US Version of the Amazon INC Company. For the selling in the US, you have to register on the but you have to require some legal requirements which you have to complete to selling on Amazon USA.

Let’s talk about First of all Indian rules for the Ecommerce Sellers which want to sell their products internationally through Global Level Ecommerce Website. Selling on the Global Ecommerce website is like starting a new Import Export Business in India. So you have to require all the things which are required to import-export business in India i.e. are followings

  1. Register your Ecommerce Company in India which enables to doing the business.
  2. Proper Tax Registration like VAT/CST or TIN Number from your state govt.
  3. IEC (Import Export Code) from the DGFT.
  4. Open an international bank account with the SWIFT Code
  5. Customs Agent for the Duties.

Now after the above legal requirements completion in India, you have to Sign up on the which is required following things –

Check List about How to Sell on Amazon USA from India-

1. USA Bank Account

You have to open a USA Bank Account for the Register on the Amazon. It’s required for the Non-resident Individuals which are living outside the USA. Bank account for the Amazon so they can deposit your money in your bank account. For the USA Bank account, you can consult with any International bank in India or Some Payments solutions provider like Payoneer helpful for the payments.

2. Credit Card for the USA

A Credit Card which can be provided by the banks or again Payoneer or other International payments solution provider helps you.

3. US Mailing Address

The one of most important things are US Mailing Address but don’t worry about it because there is Multiple Virtual Address service provider in the US which provides the mailing address on the subscription basis. You can use MyUS which is also partner with the Amazon.

4. The US Phone Number

The other thing with the mailing address i.e. is US Based Phone Number but now it’s very easy with the leading Company Skype which can provide a US based Phone number on the subscription basis or you can use some Android or IOS App which also provides US Based phone Number.

5. ITIN ( Individual Tax Identification Number)

A US Based Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) is an identifying number used for tax purposes in the United States. It is also known as a Tax Identification Number or Federal Taxpayer Identification Number. You can apply ITIN through IRS Government official website.

6. US Tax Forms

After the individual tax identification number, you have to require to file the US Tax Forms which are available on the official IRS Government Website. You can read here about more W-8ECI Forms

7. Amazon FBA Ware House Management

You have to hire also someone inventory Team if your products are sell out through Amazon FBA Warehouse in the USA. There are some reliable inventory changes like MYFULFILLMENTTEAM which are dealing with the Ebay and Amazon.



  1. US establishment and smiling address is not required. It’s only when you are doing in huge volumes. For small time sellers only credit card is required.


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