All about H Form for Rajasthan VAT.


H- Form is a certificate issued as proof of Export. This form can be obtained from sales tax dept.  When an exporter purchases the material from the sellers and exports then the exporter has to issue the Form –H to the seller from whom the goods are purchased.  The seller has to obtained this form – H from the exporter and  show  it  to  the  sales  tax  dept  to  get  tax exemption.  Along with the form – H the seller has to collect the Bill of lading (B.L) as proof of export.  In case if the exporter does not release the Form–H along with the B.L the seller has to pay the Tax at the time of sales tax assessments. It will be safe for the seller if he can get a D.D. for the tax amount of the goods which is sold to the exporter for the export purpose.  Because sometime the exporters fail to provide the Form–H to the seller due to unknown reasons, at this time this D.D. Which is collected will be off much helpful to the seller.


  1. H- Form is issued by the exporter to the supplier for every Quarter. There are four Quarters for one year:
  2. April, May, June (1st Quarter)
  3. July, August, Sep (2nd Quarter)
  4. Oct, Nov, Dec (3rd Quarter)
  5. Jan, Feb, Mar (4th Quarter)
  1. You must create one excel sheet for one supplier for one Quarter. Eg a:  If  you  purchase  material  from  one  supplier  in different  quarters  you  have  to  prepare  the  different excel    Sheets for this supplier.  One for 2nd Quarter and second sheet for 4th Quarter. Eg  b:  If  you  purchase  material  in  one  quarter  from one  supplier  on  different  invoices  only  one  excel sheets is enough. 3) You must have the following data for issue H-Form Thanks for the feedback! Undo we’ll use your feedback to review ads on this site.
  1. You must have the following data for issue H-Form Supplier TIN Number Supplier Company name & address Suppler Invoice copy ( For Invoice number, date, qty and value etc) Foreign Buyer Agreement no and date (Eg: Purchase order no or L.C. Number etc) Note: Agreement number must be before the  Invoice number.
  1. After applying H-Form in online, you will receive H-Form from CDSC.
  1. One H-Form contains original, duplicate and counter foil. Counter foil should be retained by the issuer. And the remaining original and duplicate should be sent to the seller with proof of export i.e. Bill of Lading (B.L).
  1. The counter foil, original and duplicate should be duly filled and signed.

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